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Staffers – Achieve Success By Building A Sense of Community

Staffing companies are unique entities in the business world, driven by their dedication to people. At their core, staffers are "people-people," bound by a shared mission: to help individuals elevate their careers, achieve success, and live the American dream. While this mission primarily centers on candidates, the ripple effect extends to clients, who also reap significant benefits. Staffing agencies –through their internal employees - provide clients with a flexible workforce, identify those elusive "hard-to-find" candidates. Plus, they extend credit for contract placements. Yet, the true essence of a staffing company's success lies in the creation of a sense of community that interconnects internal employees, contractors, and clients.

One key to a thriving staffing community is the cultivation of strong relationships with clients. Staffers understand that clients aren't just looking for employees; they're seeking partners in problem-solving and growth. To forge these connections, staffing companies can organize special events designed to bring clients closer to the dedicated individuals working on their accounts. By facilitating meaningful interactions, staffers ensure that clients feel valued and part of an exclusive group. This sense of exclusivity deepens the bond between the staffing company and its clients.

Encouraging a sense of community extends to the internal employees of the staffing company. Special outings and team-building activities allow employees to connect on a personal level, transcending their roles within the organization. These events are not just about fun; they're about nurturing a cohesive team. In addition to social events, recognizing and rewarding employees for their exceptional performance is essential. Merit rewards, bonuses, and public recognition instill a sense of pride and motivation, fueling their commitment to the company's vision.

Let’s not overlook the most important stakeholder - the contractors. These individuals are the driving force behind revenue generation, and acknowledging their contributions will set your company apart from other agencies.

Publicly recognizing contractors for outstanding performance sends a powerful message of appreciation. Monetary rewards for a job well done not only incentivize excellence but also reinforce the belief that their hard work is genuinely valued. Bonuses for referrals of other candidates seeking employment incentivize contractors to actively contribute to the growth of the staffing company. Last thing, encourage contractors to write positive reviews of the agency will boost the agency's reputation.

Using a small personal example….. I was lucky enough to coach a youth baseball team for 16 years. Most of the kids on the team were with us from age 4 through sophomore year in college. This was not an elite travel team with great training facilities, but an in-house team through Near South Little League. On the surface, nothing different than any other little league.

How did coach Jim Navarre and I keep this together for so long? What differentiated us from other teams? We engaged every stakeholder – the players, their parents, and the opposing teams. They bought into the vision by feeling a sense of exclusivity and appreciation. The result was they were always eager to “play ball’.

In summary, a sense of community revolves around fostering connections, trust, and shared goals among employees, clients, and contractors. Creating a sense of community and exclusivity is a sure-fire way to better retain each stakeholder – and attract new ones!

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