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Discovering Genealogy in Network Marketing

The "Family Tree" concept, often associated with genealogy, can be a powerful tool in sales and networking strategies. This approach involves leveraging connections and relationships akin to branches on a tree, expanding your network and fostering business growth. Here's how to utilize this concept effectively:

1.    Identify Your Roots (Core Network): Begin with your immediate connections, like the roots of a tree. These could be family or close friends relevant to your business, colleagues, prior or existing clients. These individuals form the foundation of your network.

2.    Branch Out (Secondary Connections): Extend beyond your core network by tapping into their connections. These are like branches stemming from the main trunk. Engage with your contacts' contacts and other industry vendors leveraging introductions and mutual connections to expand your reach. Attend networking events, conferences, and seminars to grow your secondary connections further.

3.    Nurture Relationships (Cultivate the Network): Nurturing relationships is crucial. Regularly engage with your network through personalized communication, providing value, and showing genuine interest in their needs. This fosters trust and strengthens connections.

4.    Diversify and Explore (Exploring New Branches): Don't limit yourself to familiar connections. Actively seek opportunities to diversify your network. Engage with individuals from different industries, backgrounds, and demographics. These new branches could bring fresh perspectives and opportunities.

5.    Maintain the Ecosystem (Sustain Relationships): A healthy ecosystem sustains a tree, and consistent engagement is vital for your network. Regular follow-ups, offering assistance, and staying top-of-mind ensure that relationships remain strong and fruitful.

6.    Utilize Technology (Tools for Growth): Leverage technology and social media platforms to amplify your network. LinkedIn, for instance, is a valuable tool for professional networking. It allows you to map connections, join groups, and engage with a broader audience.

7.    Reciprocity and Support (Give and Take): Cultivate a culture of reciprocity within your network. Be willing to offer help, advice, or connections when needed, and don't hesitate to seek support from your network when required.

8.    Track and Evaluate (Monitoring Growth): Regularly assess the growth of your network. Track the expansion of connections, evaluate the strength of relationships, and identify areas for improvement. This enables you to adjust strategies and focus efforts effectively.

All of this is designed to build your network and in turn your net worth.  Here is a previous post that ties into the “Family Tree” concept. 

In essence, the "Family Tree" concept in sales and networking emphasizes the importance of nurturing existing relationships while continually branching out to cultivate new connections.


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