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Work Smarter, Not Harder

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For Real?

Yes, for real. I was part of the senior management team at Damian Services, a premier provider of funding, back office and technology offering. We preached to our clients that it’s much better to focus on sales, recruiting, and customer relationships and we would handle much of non-revenue producing functions. Our goal was to provide a flexible, easy-to-use program so they would spend minimal time with the funding company.

We learned to practice what we preached. We weren’t experts in ATS/CRM technology. With all the different taxing bodies and constant tax law changes, we would have needed an army of people to keep up with the different taxes (like Hawaii excise tax). And with thousands of invoice payments coming in everyday, we needed an automated way to transfer remittance info from he bank into our system. We outsourced all of these to the experts.

Variable cost outsourcing worked then and it sure as hell works now.

The Payoff – Part One

Lower overhead while providing our clients a better product, pricing and overall experience. We were able to laser focus on client satisfaction because we eliminated many time sucking activities. The result – in 20 years company revenue grew by approximately 800%, total costs grew by approximately 300%. 8 times more money for only 3 times more expense – take that deal every time.

The Payoff – Part Two

But wait there’s more! Outsourcing these functions made us more attractive to potential buyers. Since our operation was lean and efficient, it made it easier and cheaper for the buyer to unwind operations, thus increasing the purchase price.

Can your staffing company run more profitable and efficient? What functions are time sucks that do not produce revenue? Does your company have the financing it needs to fully grow its business?

Work smarter, not harder.

Nick Andriacchi

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