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Scale Faster! - Hire Talent With a Proven Track Record

One of the most effective strategies for staffing companies aiming to scale is hiring business development professionals or recruiters who come with a pre-existing book of business. This approach leverages the new hires' existing relationships and networks to quickly generate new sales, quickly covering their salary and generating a profit. These hires not only accelerate growth but bring immediate value to the company.

The rationale behind this strategy is straightforward. New hires with a solid book of business can hit the ground running, bypassing the slow and often costly process of building client relationships from scratch. These individuals already have trust and relationships with a set of clients who are more likely to follow them to your staffing firm, ensuring a smoother transition and immediate revenue streams. This approach can dramatically shorten the sales cycle, leading to faster returns on investment.

This strategy can also enhance the company's market position and brand reputation. Bringing on board experienced professionals with established relationships can signal to the market that your firm is a serious competitor, staffed by recognized and trusted figures in the industry. This can open doors to new opportunities that might otherwise take years to access.  Be sure to promote these team members via press release and on social media. 

Potential downside(s)?  it's crucial to integrate these new hires effectively with your company's strategic goals and culture.   Make sure these hires feel valued and motivated to contribute to the company's success.  Any active non-compete’ s or non-solicits, downturns in the economy etc., can be costly to your company, so be financially prepared. 

Staffing companies looking to scale should consider strategically hiring business development professionals or recruiters with an existing book of business. Most of the time, these new hires quickly pay for their own salaries through new sales but also propels the company forward by tapping into new networks, enhancing its competitive edge, and sustainable growth. 

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