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Sales People Are Natural Born Entrepreneurs

My good friend Brian Leptich, CEO of Quality Labor Services said it best: “All businesses should be run by salespeople”. This statement really hit home with me and I started thinking about common traits that successful business owners and sales people share. And wow, there are some pretty powerful ones!

Every salesperson today can be the CEO of tomorrow. If you’re a salesperson today and you have the drive to learn more, the will to work hard, and not afraid to hear the word “no”, you are on your way to owning your own business. Warren Buffet and Howard Shultz are a couple of good examples of entrepreneur’s that started their careers as a sales person.

Not everyone will be the next Warren Buffet, but running a successful company shouldn’t be a pipe dream either. And if you have experience selling and recruiting in the staffing industry, you should consider starting your own business if you haven’t already.

Sales folks that succeed as business owners tend to possess the following traits. I separated them into 2 categories – Dreamers & Leaders and Customer-Centric

Dreamers and Leaders

· Confident

It starts with an idea for a product or service and the belief that it is a solution to a need in the marketplace. If you don't believe in your product, you aren't going to make a customer believe in your product.

· Opportunistic

A good business person is always aware of circumstances and surroundings, can see demand for her product or service in the marketplace. They always look forward.

· Resilient

“No Fear in These Eyes”. Top achievers have a unique ability to cope with difficulty, to negotiate obstacles, to optimize performance in the face of adversity. They take rejection as a personal challenge to succeed with the next customer.

· Self-Starters

This is a highly transferable skill from sales exec to CEO. Sales people tend to set their own schedules and deadlines. It is a skill that every entrepreneur needs to possess.

· Persistent

Persistence, when done respectfully and consistently, breaks through. It reminds customers that you are there with a solution to their problems. It gives them multiple chances to connect.

· Optimistic and upbeat.

Top business people tend to be upbeat and radiate a sense of humor, fun, and positivity. While grounded somewhat in reality, they focus on what they can control, stay on course with optimism about what they can achieve.

Customer Centric

· Care about the customer's interests

Your customers want to know you understand their challenges, dreams, and goals, and have carefully considered why your solution makes sense – and they want to be sure you have their best interests at heart. Quite frankly, this applies to internal employees too.

· Good Listeners

You have to listen to the customer's pain point before you start selling your product or service. Great salespeople sell solutions to problems, and they do that by understanding and listening to the customer. Business owners have to listen to the needs of their customers and employees.

· Honest

A successful salesperson will not fib to close a deal, because he or she knows that you've not only burned that bridge, but all of the potential other bridges that lead from your contact to their contacts. Better to miss out on a deal and maintain your honesty, integrity and network. A business owner risks everything by fibbing.

· Broad View of the Marketplace

The marketplace does not stand still. Business keeps evolving. Business people with a sales background understand that and are quick to change with the marketplace.

Anyway, demand for contract staffing is very strong and I believe independent staffing companies are poised to prosper. If you or your company is looking to take full advantage of this unique opportunity and can use funding and/or back office infrastructure let me know. I can help.

Nick Andriacchi

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