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Not Every Interaction Needs to Lead to Financial Transaction.

what works: entrepreneurs

Like many businesses, churches are closed in most parts of the country and parishes have had to change how they deliver services. Live stream and YouTube are popular mediums – but unfortunately, this isn’t the same as live interaction. Businesses and parish leaders share the same fear: Will parishioners (stakeholders) return to their site of worship (business) once restrictions are lifted if sense of community is lost?

For Mother’s Day, my wife (SuperMom and legend in the staffing industry) and I delivered a rose and card to the mom’s that otherwise would have attended services at St. Therese. It gave us a chance to engage (from a safe distance) with the parishioner base and simply ask: How are you doing? Is their anything we can do as a parish to make your day brighter? I truly believe that genuine compassion without asking for anything in return goes a long way in keeping stakeholders engaged with your service & returning to your business once restrictions are lifted.

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