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Launching a Staffing Business - Is it a calling or career progression?

Starting a staffing business can be viewed as both a natural career progression and a calling, depending on an individual's circumstances and motivations. While some people may find it a logical next step in their career trajectory, driven by their experience and expertise in the field, others may feel a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment in connecting people with employment opportunities. Let's explore these perspectives further.

Career Progression: Starting a staffing business can be seen as a natural career progression. These individuals often possess a wealth of experience and knowledge in the staffing industry, having worked in various roles and gained valuable insights over the years. They may have honed their skills in recruitment, talent acquisition, and human resources, and developed a comprehensive understanding of the labor market. With this expertise, venturing into entrepreneurship and establishing their own staffing business becomes a logical step forward. They may be driven by the desire to leverage their industry knowledge, build a successful enterprise, and create opportunities for both job seekers and employers.

A Calling: Starting a staffing business can also be viewed as a calling—a deeply rooted sense of purpose and passion. Some individuals are genuinely drawn to the opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives by helping them find meaningful employment. They may have a natural talent for connecting talent with the right job opportunities and derive immense satisfaction from witnessing the positive outcomes of their work. These individuals are driven by a desire to serve and support others, recognizing the importance of matching skilled individuals with suitable job roles, thereby benefiting both the candidates and the organizations they work for.

Building Relationships: Those considering starting any business must have a passion for sales. Without a consistent sales effort, no company can succeed. Luckily, the staffing business is a relationship business. Networking, marketing, helping employers solve talent challenges, and matching the right talent with the job is very motivating to go out there and build relationships with employers.

Take the Risk, Reap the Rewards: It takes guts to start a business. Starting a staffing business requires a significant amount of dedication, hard work, tolerance for risk, and perseverance. It demands a range of skills, including business acumen, networking, and adaptability. Those who feel called entrepreneurship may thrive on the opportunity to create something from scratch, build a team, and navigate the complexities of running a successful business. When successful, the rewards are limitless.

Ultimately, whether starting a staffing business is perceived as a natural career progression or a calling depends on the individual's unique blend of motivations, experiences, and aspirations. It is possible for both aspects to coexist, where a person's career trajectory aligns with their passion for making a difference in the staffing industry. Such individuals may find that their professional journey naturally leads them towards starting their own staffing business.

Luckily, with the right financing source for payroll and a turnkey payroll and billing process – there are few barriers to entry to start a contract staffing business. If you are looking to start a contract staffing business - please contact me. I can help.

PS: The idea for this post came from a homily from Fr. Francis Li. So maybe it is a calling after all!

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