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Get to Know Your Market: Identify Your Buyer + Influencer

By Jill Heise BluLyne Marketing

It is nearly impossible to effectively deploy marketing tactics when you are uncertain about who your buyer is, their goals and challenges, and the ways they like to receive information. So often companies forget that the crucial element of sales and marketing is finding a customer who wants to be sold. Your message should focus on how you will help your buyer achieve their goals by overcoming their challenges, not on how great your service or product is. 

Many companies focus their message on the internal benefits of their service or product as opposed to a buyer-centric approach focused on buyer needs. Understanding your buyer helps you identify messaging and communications channels that will resonate. It is critical to speak your buyer’s language if you are hoping to convert them to a client. Before you start marketing to who you think your buyer is, work to really understand what drives them, identify their challenges, and then market your service or product as the solution.

Remember, effective sales aren’t about you or your company. It's about the buyer and how you can meet their need or solve their problem. Need help identifying and marketing to your buyer? Jill Heise, founder and managing partner at BluLyne Marketing can assist.


Jill HeiseBluLyne Marketing 773.832.9495

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