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Create A Corporate Buzz With A Little Help From Paul McCartney

As Paul McCartney gets ready to drop his newest album, McCartney III, it reminds of a post I wrote a couple of years ago regarding the success of his last album.

I am a big Beatles fan and one of the things that amazes about the band and McCartney is their ability to adapt to an ever changing, quite frankly radically different music business than what they broke into in the 1960’s. His last album Egypt Station went to #1 in the United States. He was 76 years old at the time and was his first #1 album in 36 years. That is quite a feat as artists his age can’t rely on traditional radio play to promote new music. So, what did it take to get the word out, create a buzz and drive sales and what can staffers learn from it?

The staffing industry has also radically changed since the beginning of the pandemic. Many of my clients ask me about clever and strategic expansion possibilities in order to help navigate through this new reality. Some have asked me about what other types of placements are in demand (essential workers, remote work, IT, nursing etc.) as some are considering expanding into other verticals. Others are considering expanding to other geographical markets. And many are considering hiring additional sales people. These of course are valid strategies but may not be optimal for the current marketplace.

Before discussing growth strategies, I always ask one simple question: “Does your staffing firm currently have open job orders?” Almost all staffers I speak answer in the affirmative – and most say they have many unfilled orders. So, the answer to driving sales may be right in front of them – invest in resources that will fill those orders.

The more fills, the more revenue – simple as that.

Even in this climate of shutdowns and other uncertainties, there are opportunities out there and staffers need to adapt to new platforms in order to “get the word out”, recruit and generate sales.

Getting back to McCartney’s last album, how did a 76- year-old drive sales all the way to number one in a young musician’s game? First of all, he needed to get the word out that he has new music available. He told compelling stories on the James Corden, Jimmy Fallon and Howard Stern shows that have huge audiences.. If anyone missed the broadcast, they can stream on it YouTube. Going further he also had a special concert streamed on Spotify. Not only did more physical copy’s sell, digitally it did better than expected.

Now what can an established staffing company do to create a buzz to get people talking, attract candidates and drive sales? Here are a few idea’s:

· Add a mobile app that can communicate with your marketplace. Users can receive job alerts and candidates availability. Potential candidates can easily apply, customers can place an order.

· Get involved with high-profile digital events that your company can participate in and where potential candidates/clients are involved as well.

· Blog – brand yourself as an industry expert. Release information that can benefit your customers and your contracts. Try not to make it another self-serving ad.

· Pump-up good on-line reviews of your service.

· Engage with younger staffers for additional ideas. The kids know all of the latest technology.

Legacy and youth usually mix well when creating a positive buzz for your company.

Getting back to Abbey Road studios…. And in the end (Beatles metaphors galore) a staffing company has to efficiently fill orders with good quality candidates, provide excellent customer service and leverage traditional internal employees armed with the latest technology. Happy customers and contract workers send referrals your way. Even with all the sales and marketing, the music still has to be good to get the marketplace to buy it.

Nick Andriacchi

Image: MPL

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