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Can solving a puzzle together make the perfect client gift?

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

As we approach the Christmas holiday, most businesses are trying to find the perfect gift to reflect customer appreciation. Some of these gifts can be really creative. Like, a ring light that your clients can use to help create quality Tik-Tok videos. That is pretty cool, but how about taking some time to solve a puzzle with them?

Relationships consist of knowing your customer needs and consistent delivery of a quality service can set your company apart from the competition. Sometimes, a client may have a real dilemma that they need help solving. Solving that puzzle with them can really be the best Christmas gift you can give.

I learned this a long time ago at my first job at Bertucci’s Meat Market. During a Christmas Eve holiday rush, we had a customer that really wanted to purchase filet mignon for Christmas dinner. It was late in the day and unfortunately, we were sold out of that item. She was disappointed and as she was leaving it occurred to me to ask a few questions. The one that got her talking was: What is it about that particular cut of meat that appeals to you?

With the questions answered, I suggested an alternative cut that would work equally as well if not better – a bone-in prime rib roast with the bone chimed that will present nicely and it can be easily severed. She took my advice and bought it.

Three days after Christmas, the customer returned and told us how happy she was with the roast! It made a beautiful presentation for the perfect Christmas dinner.

She was extremely satisfied and remained a customer even after she moved away from the neighborhood. BTW – not only did the prime rib roast work better for the customer, price was never an issue even though it was more expensive.

The moral of the story is the “gift” that clients value most is for their vendor to work with them to be a solutions provider – or some might say to “solve a puzzle”.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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