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Back To Selling - 5 Steps to Success!

Updated: May 17, 2023

There is a definite softening in the labor market. The latest JOLTS report released 5/2/2023 shows the fewest open jobs in the last 2 years. Temp help has been down over the past 6 months with staffing agencies reporting fewer open job orders and employers taking a longer time to make hiring decisions. But make no mistake –


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Staffers that have been focused solely on recruiting need to pivot into sales mode again. Here are a few tips on how to develop a successful sales strategy.

1. Getting to Know You

You will not make the sale with the first phone call. The first couple of contacts should be focused on learning about the potential customer. Build the relationship with the key decision maker. Be humble, ask questions, and listen.

2. Is what they need what you have?

I have always lived by this mantra: “We are for some but not for everyone.” Specialization and exclusivity are traits that are appealing. Once the relationship is developed, find out what the customer needs to determine if you can service customer. If it’s outside of your space, its ok to say no.

3. Tangible Service

When both parties decide that the relationship is a good fit, present a proposal that offers solutions and tangible differences that set your company apart from the competition. Just saying “our service is better” is not enough.

4. Ask for the Business

There is something to be said about asking “do we have a deal”. When your potential customer says yes, psychologically it’s harder for them to change their mind. Note: when asking for the deal, be confident, not cocky.

5. Post Close

I have seen deals fall apart after a contract is signed. The salesperson has the most invested in seeing a new customer start. She or he quarterback the deal during the onboarding process and quite frankly, until the first contractor is placed.

Relationships take a while to build, so staffers need to be active pursuing opportunities daily. I know the common term is to grind, but I think in terms of building new relationships. Personally, I think it’s fun getting to meet new people everyday and working with them to help solve challenges so they can better run their business.

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